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OEMs change their policies and positions around every turn, but we always keep up the pace. We’re constantly monitoring the latest OEM position statements, so you never have to worry about changing regulations. With our software updates, shops can trust that every scan is up to date and compliant, no matter the manufacturer.

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Ford Position Statements: 12/2018

Pre- and Post-Scan of Collision Vehicles >

GM Position Statements: 10/2016

Pre- and Post-Scan of Collision Vehicles >

Honda American Position Statements 07/2016

Post-Collision Diagnostic Scan and Calibration >

Honda Canada Position Statements 08/2016

Post-Collision Diagnostic Scan and Calibration Requirements >

Hyundai Position Statements 03/2018

Hydunai Collision Position Statement: Pre-Repair and Post-Repair System Scanning >

Infiniti Position Statements 09/2016

Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning >

Mazda Position Statements 01/2018

Mazda Collision Position Statement >

Mercedes Position Statements

MBUSA Collision Position Statement >

Mopar Position Statements

Scan Tool Position Statement 2016 >

Nissan Position Statements 06/2016

Scan Tool Position Statement >

Subaru Position Statements 07/2017

Pre- and Post-Scanning of Collision Vehicles >

Toyota Position Statements 06/2016

Scanning for Electrical System Faults >

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